Juwel Structured Background

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With Juwel Structured Background, you can design and create a more unique aquarium backing that your fish can interact with. Easy to cut into the right size and shape, it produces a better, 3D effect that can't be replicated by posters.


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Product Information

This Structured Background piece from Juwel is designed to create both texture and interest in your aquarium. When pieced together with other identical background pieces they can form a 3D, natural looking habitat for your fish.

They are very easy to cut to size, and can be fixed securely in to place with aquarium adhesive.

The dark, bark effect texture really highlights the other d├ęcor and life within your salt or fresh water aquarium. Each piece is 60 x 50cm in size and can be slotted together with others for a unique design.

One supplied.

Product Specification

Product Size
Juwel STR 600 Background 60 x 50 cm

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