Juwel Vio 40 Black Aquarium

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The Juwel Vio 40 Black Aquarium is a stylish fish tank ideal for either cold water or tropical fish and is just 40cm in length. It also has a raised base as standard to really display your aquarium

Product Information

Like many of the Juwel range of fish tanks the Vio has a small footprint. It has a 30 litre tank atop a 40cm plinth which takes up little room. Lighting and filtration is included as standard to set up a cold water tank, a fish tank heater can also be added to create a petite tropical tank.

The Vio includes a Bioflow Mini filter, perfect for the smaller aquarium the filter also incorporates a compact but mighty 280 pump to ensure water circulation. Easy to maintain and use the mini filter makes sure that the Vio is kept beautifully clean and clear.

The Vio comes complete with new, advanced LED lighting. The NovoLux 40 LED unit is a 5w strip which provides a powerful light source. LED is fast becoming the preferred choice for aquarists as it saves money and power, because it lasts much longer than traditional types.

The hood can be folded back for access to the tank, whilst the light remains on for your convenience. The feeding hatch can also be used with Juwel Fish Feeders if you will be away.

Here at Swell we have a wide range of natural and colourful substrates that make your aquatic scene really stand out. You can add to this with a variety of decoration to suit your taste.

The compact Juwel Vio looks great on a desk or counter top, and the high quality and professional finish make it a fantastic addition to any home.


  • NovoLux LED light strip
  • One Bioflow Mini Filter inc. pump
  • Feeding hatch
  • Small footprint , so doesn't take up too much room


  • Tank size: 40cm x 25cm x 30cm 15.7" x 9.8" x 11.8" (L x W x H)
  • Volume: 30 litres / 6.6 gallons

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