Juwel Vision 180 Aquarium and Cabinet Black

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The Juwel Vision 180 LED Aquarium and Cabinet features a curved glass face for better viewing, and measures 92cm in length. An 180 litre aquarium, it comes with a complete kit, including lights, water pump and heater, as well as a matching cabinet.


  • Vision 180 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Black
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Product Information

Juwel's large Vision 180 LED Aquarium and Black Cabinet has a glass curved face and sleek lines to really show off the beauty of your aquatic scene. This stunning piece of aquatic furniture makes an ideal addition to any room, and comes complete with a filter, superb lighting and a heater as standard.

The Bioflow M filter included uses a five media strong process to make sure the water is properly cleaned for healthy plants and fish. A low volume Eccoflow 600 pump is also included which cleverly circulates the water for optimum aeration and vitality. A submersible 200 watt heater is also included to maintain and monitor the temperature within the tank. Sensitive, precise mechanisms mean that you can be confident that your fish are always in the right climate.

Brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth are what you get with the state-of-the-art Multilux LED lighting technology from Juwel. The replaceable 19w Day and Nature LED tubes create an optimum light spectrum, while saving up to 50% of energy in comparison to T5 at the same time. The MultiLux LED lighting system for the Vision 180 LED means that you can work on your aquarium in comfort, even when the lighting is switched on.

The ultrasound-sealed light unit is 100 percent waterproof and fulfills the stringent European safety standards. Measuring 92cm in length the Vision is an imposing, stylish tank that will create a real focal point in any environment. The matching Black cabinet has two cupboards and a central shelf, providing lots of storage for aquarium accessories.


  • Vision 180l Aquarium
  • Matching Black Cabinet
  • MultiLux LED light unit
  • Filter Model Juwel Bioflow M
  • Filter Media
  • Juwel Eccoflow 600 Pump
  • Juwel 200w Heater


  • Aquarium size: 92 x 41 x 55 cm / 36.2" x 16.1" x 21.7" (L x D x H)
  • Cabinet size: 92 x 41 x 73 cm / 36.2" x 16.1" x 21.7" (L x W x H)
  • Capacity: 180 litres / 39.6 gallons

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Product Specification

Product Size Notes Volume
Juwel Vision 180 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Black Aquarium: 92 x 41 x 55 cm, Cabinet: 92 x 41 x 73 cm Supplied with: 1 x High-Lite Light Unit 92 cm, 2 x 35 W, 1 x Pump Set 600, 1 x Heater 200 Watt. 180 Litres

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