BiOrb Kelp Decor Set

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Bright and colourful, these beautiful sea kelp sets provide a great focal point in your fish tank, and show off really well with the black, white or silver tank frames.


  • Kelp Set Pink Small
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  • Kelp Set Purple Small
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  • Kelp Set Pink Medium
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  • Kelp Set Purple Medium
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Product Information

These come in a two set, with a choice of sizes and colours to suit the design of your tank. A combination of heights can really add some great enrichment within the aquarium, and the variances in the shapes and designs in the sets mean that you can get a really effective reef look to your tank.

One of the plants in each pack is silk, and the other is plastic, so you also have a good variety in texture in the tank, adding to the diversity. These are easy to clean, and the ceramic stone base means that are easy to install and will stay where they're placed.

  • Small - 12 x 3 x 20cm
  • Medium - 13 x 3 x 30cm

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