King British De-Chlorinator (Safe Guard)

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King British Safe Guard makes ordinary tap water safe for use in aquariums, by removing the chloramine, chlorine and toxic heavy metals, that are harmful to fish. It is ideal for use when setting up a new aquarium, or during a partial water change


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Product Information

King British De-Chlorinator (prevously Safe Guard) will make sure that your fish are safe and sound, as it removes chlorine, chloramine, amonia and other possibly lethal heavy metals.

Safe Guard should be used when carrying out a water change or setting up a tank for the first time. It's also useful when adding new fish to an aquarium.

King British Safe Guard can also help your fish if they have lost their protective slime through stress and actually coats your fish with a natural coating of Aloe Vera that can help to smooth any damaged tissue.

Dosage: 5ml treats 45 litres.

Key Features:

  • Dosage: five millitres for every 45 litres of tap water
  • Makes tap water safe for use with fish
  • Suitable for use with new tanks or when topping up tap water
  • Helps to restore the protective slime of fish usually lost through stress or injury
  • Suitable for use in tropical and coldwater aquariums

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