King British Methylene Blue 100ml

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King British Methylene Blue helps you treat entire fish tanks for fungal infections, but is safe to use in water containing fish eggs you want to protect. Use the correct dosage and everything should work out fine!


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Product Information

King British Methylene Blue is a well establish fish treatment which has been used for many years, safe to use with fish eggs it is used for the prevention of fungal infection.

This product has been designed to help sick or distressed fish by increasing how much oxygen they can carry and is suitable for use in tropical and cold-water aquariums.

You should consider using Methylene Blue if you notice any of the following:

  • The fins, eyes or back of the fish are showing a yellow/gold colouring.
  • You can see an increase in slime on the body of your fish which may indicate Slime Disease.
  • Your fish appears distressed and is gasping for air at the surface of your aquarium, and also appear to have an increased speed in gill movement.
  • You have noticed growths which have the appearance of cotton wool along the body and on the fins of your fish.
  • If your fish has an obvious wound which needs to be treated with direct application of the Methylene Blue which acts as an antiseptic.

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    King British Methylene Blue 100ml
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