King British Tropical Treats 40g

Healthy treats suitable for all tropical fish

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  • Compressed fish food for Guppies, Platies and other ornamental tropical fish
  • Complimentary food to be fed sparingly
  • Each packet contains approximately 70 treats
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Fish too can have the odd treat! King British Tropical Treats are perfect for Guppies, Platies and other ornamental tropical fish.

Delicious, tasty treats that contain top quality fish, minerals and vitamins to supplement your fish's normal diet. Simply drop into the tank and they will dissolve easily or stick on to the glass and watch your fish enjoy their snack.

Packed in a re-sealable bag, the treats can be kept safe and dry, lasting for longer.

Feeding Instructions: Feed sparingly 2 to 3 times per week as a complementary treat to other King British complete fish foods. Each tablet, which will dissolve slowly within a few minutes of entering the water, is sufficient for approximately 20 medium sized fish. The fish treat tablets can be stuck onto the inside of the aquarium glass so that you can watch your fish feeding.

Key Features:

  • 70 treats per pack.
  • Suitable for Guppies, Platies and other ornamental tropical fish.
  • Made from the highest quality fish and fish derivatives.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals.
  • Complimentary food to be fed sparingly.
  • Re-sealable bag.
  • Easy to use form.
  • Dissolves easily, or can be stuck on to the glass.
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