King British Velvet Control

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King British Velvet Control is a liquid treatment for the fast and effective treatment of fish with velvet parasites, keeping your fish free from trouble.


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Product Information

King British Velvet Control has been designed to combat velvet parasites which can be caused by poor quality water and which attach themselves to fish. They then feed, drop from the fish and multiply into more parasites which of course starts the cycle again.

You can see velvet parasites on the skin, fins and eyes of the fish as they appear as a gold or rust-like layer over the effected area. King British Velvet Control can be used in tropical and coldwater aquariums for the effective treatment of fish with velvet parasites. However it is not suitable for use in soft water.

Dosage: The dosage amount can vary between 0.25ml and 1ml for every nine litres of aquarium water. The amount used will be effected by the hardness of the water and the water hardiness application table on the bottle should be consulted before use.

Key Features:

  • Dosage: For every nine litres of water use between 0.25ml and 1ml of water, depending on water hardness
  • Treats fish with velvet parasites
  • Provides in liquid form for fast and effective treatment
  • Please note the active ingredients in King Britsh Velvet Control are toxic to fish in soft water

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