Kockney Koi KF 4000 Multi Bay Filter

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Great for Koi ponds around the 4000L mark, this Kockney Koi KF 4000 Multi Bay Filter has been specially designed to handle the extra waste created by koi, using multiple types of media to clense your water.


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Product Information

Suitable for fish ponds up to 4000 litres, the Kockney Koi KF4000 is an advanced filtration unit perfect for Koi ponds. As fish can produce a lot of waste, especially Koi, good filtration is vital for a healthy pond and of course healthy fish. Well known for their expertise in all things Koi related, Kockney Koi have developed an outstanding collection of filters.

This unit has four separate chambers that provide maximum filtration. The chambers are packed with filter media including brushes to remove larger particles of waste, Japanese matting to remove even smaller pieces and filter wadding and Flocor to provide biological filtration too. The large surface area of Flocor media is perfect for the production of healthy bacteria that consumes nitrates and other unwanted elements.

This unit requires a filter pump to direct water through the device. Used in a fish free or low stocked pond it could cope with larger quantities of water.

The set includes full media. As the unit is made from tough fibre glass it is built to last and withstand the elements.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Koi ponds up to 4000 litres
  • Maximum flow rate of 3000 lph, must be used with pump
  • Four chambers complete with media for both mechanical and biological filtration
  • 1.5" inlet & 2" Outlet.
  • Two drainage points (accepts 1.5" solvent pipe weld)
  • Please note: lid not included (discontinued)
  • One year guarantee

Product Specification

Product Max Pond Size Outlet Pipe Size Guarantee Size Inlet Pipe Size
Kockney Koi KF4000 Filter (with media) 439gal 2 1year 36x17x19 inch 1.5in

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    Kockney Koi KF4000 Filter (with media & lid)
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