Kockney Koi KF 5000v Multi Bay Filter

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The Kockney Koi KF 5000v Multi Bay Filter can handle koi ponds of around 5000L in size, using a variety of media types to clense the water of waste and debris, leaving you with a crystal clear pond.


  • KF5000 Pump Fed (with media)
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  • KF5000 Gravity fed (with media)
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Product Information

The Kockney Koi KF5000 Vortex is a multi chamber filter that is perfect for use in a Koi pond up to 5000 litres in size. However used in lightly stocked or fish free ponds it can cope with a larger volume of water.

Free standing, the KF5000 V filter is crafted from durable fibre glass for long term, reliable performance. Four chambers contain media to remove all traces of debris, waste and even pollutants from the water, returning simply clean and clear water to the pond.

Using a vortex system, the filter churns the water into a whirlpool as it enters the filter. Large pieces of waste are broken down, making them easier to remove. This prolongs the life of the media and reduces the maintenance needed.

Chamber 1-Filter brushes remove particles of debris

Chamber 2-Japenese matting removes tiny particles of waste and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria on the large surface area

Chamber 3- Filter wadding further cleanses the water, catching the tiniest pieces

Chamber 4-Flocor biological media has a huge surface area for exceptional bacterial filtration. Excess nitrates and more are removed.

Choose a good quality filter pump to support the pump fed filter. If you require any further advice please contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700.

Key Features:

  • It is suitable for Pump or Gravity feed. Fitted with 3" inlet and 2" outlet.
  • 5000-V (4 Bay) 51" x 17" x 19" Deep.
  • Vortex system
  • Four chambers including all media to perform mechanical and biological filtration
  • Maximum flow rate 3,000 litre per hour.
  • Inlet size 3" - Outlet 2" solvent. Can also be used as a pump fed filter by reducing inlet with the Yamitsu reducers.
  • Three drainage points - (Accepts 1.5" solvent weld pipe for remote drainage) - NOTE: waste drains are now located on the opposite side to that shown on the image, above.
  • Lid not included (discontinued)
ProductGuaranteeMax Flow RateOutlet
InletPond SizeDimensions
KF5000 Pump Fed (with media)1 Year3,000 LPH2"3"5,000 L130 x 44 x 49 cm
KF5000 Gravity fed (with media)1 Year3,000 LPH2"3"5,000 L130 x 44 x 49 cm

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    Date 20/08/2020 08:08am
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Pump Fed (with media)
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    Price, stock, delivery. **
  • Rating
    Date 19/06/2020 07:06am
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Gravity fed (with media)
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    Great filter system. Just what I needed. Thanks
  • Rating
    Date 13/10/2018 05:10am
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Pump Fed (with media)
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    Easy to install and working well
  • Rating
    Date 24/09/2017 15:09pm
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Pump Fed (with media)
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    Good product will hopefully clear my pond water quality in a few days
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    Date 18/06/2015 10:06am
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Gravity fed (with media & lid)
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    as expected
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    Date 18/03/2015 09:03am
    Kockney Koi KF5000 Pump Fed (with media & lid)
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    Arrived as described on the website