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Kockney Koi Mega Box Filter

Ensure your pond looks spectacular

At a glance...
  • Large filter for outdoor ponds
  • Offers both mechanical and biological filtration
  • A range of models to suit all ponds
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These Kockney Koi Box filter's are ideal for goldfish ponds from 5,500L to 16,000L with a maximum flow rate from 2,800 LPH to 9,000 LPH dependant on which model you choose, please see table below. They can come as a biofilter, or the additional UV can be added for clearer, cleaner water to complete your pond. The mechanical and biological filter media ensures the water goes through a thorough clean. The no-fuss design makes installation simple. They have been designed to enable partial burial if required.

Hosetail Inlet fits ½" ¾" 1" 1¼" 1½" and can be reduced to regulate flow rate by trimming the hose tail - Low Cost - Easy to install - High flow rate - Two-stage filtration - Integral Overflow. Replacement foams are available here

Product Pond Size Koi Pond Size UV Max Flow Rate Recommended Pump Guarantee Outlet Size Dimensions
Small Basic Filter 5,500 L 2,800 L N/A 2,800 LPH Filter Pump 2,300 1 Year 1 inch 45 x 30 x 31cm
Mega Black Box Filter 7,800 L 4,550 L 11w 4,000 LPH Filter Pump 3,300 1 Year 2 inch 45 x 30 x 32cm
Mega Max Black Box Filter 16,000 L 11,200 L 30/55w 9,000 LPH Filter Pump Premium 8,000 1 Year 2 x 2 inch 96 x 66 x 65cm
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