Kockney Koi Mega Box Filter

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Kockney Koi Mega Black Box Filter is designed for ponds up to 13,700L, and can be used with or without a UV steriliser, whichever is best to suit your pond.


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Product Information

These Kockney Koi Box filter's are ideal for goldfish ponds from 5,500L to 13,700L with a maximum flow rate from 2,800 LPH to 6,800 LPH dependant on which model you choose, please see table below. They can come as a bio filter, or the additional UV can be added for clearer, cleaner water to complete your pond. The mechanical and biological filter media ensures the water goes through a thorough clean. The no-fuss design makes installation simple. They have been designed to enable partial burial if required.

Hosetail Inlet fits ½" ¾" 1" 1¼" 1½" and can be reduced to regulate flow rate by trimming the hose tail - Low Cost - Easy to install - High flow rate - Two stage filtration - Integral Overflow. Replacement foams are available here

The Yamitsu UV Steriliser is not included but is recommended for clearer, cleaner water.

Product Pond Size Koi Pond Size Recommended UV
Max Flow Rate Recommended Pump Guarantee Dimensions
Black Box Filter 5,500 L 2,800 L N/A 2,800 LPH Filter Pump 2,300 1 Year 45 x 30 x 31cm
Mega Box Filter Bio 7,800 L 4,550 L 11w 4,000 LPH Filter Pump 3,300 1 Year 45 x 31 x 34cm
Mega Box Filter Bio Large 13,400 L 7,300 L 15w 6,000 LPH Filter Pump Premium 5,000 1 Year 64 x 45 x 42cm
Mega Box Filter Bio XL 13,700 L 9,100 L 25w 6,800 LPH Filter Pump Premium 6,500 1 Year 72 x 56 x 59cm

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