Kockney Koi Stainless Steel 3 Tier Shower

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Kockney Koi Three Tier Stainless Steel Shower offers you an ideal way to use biological filtration either stand-alone, or alongside existing filtration units.


  • Stainless Steel 3 Tier Shower
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Product Information

The Kockney Koi 3 Tier Stainless Steel shower comes complete with lid and bottom tray, meaning you just need to add your chosen media to get going. This can be used as a standalone biological filter, or combined with an additional filter to help to cope with greater stocking density or higher feeding rates of some species.

By showering the pond water over the media within this Shower system you improve the dissolved oxygen content and help gas off carbon dioxide. The use of three separate tiers means this is done as efficiently and effectively as possible, with water leading to a spray bar (not included) system at the top of the filter in the lid which gives you the advantage of having 3 full depth trays of media.

This simple trickle filter system is super effective at aiding with the filtration of your water, and can be used as well as an existing standard filter, or on its own for the right size pond. The recommended flow rate to the system is 25,000lph, and the water outlet is through a weir at the bottom, so this needs to be situation at the pond edge to return the water.

This can take up to 20kg of filter media per tray, and would be best used with Alfagrog, Kintama Balls or something similar.

  • Product Dimensions - 1000mm x 960mm x 410mm
  • Recommended Flowrate - 25,000lph
  • Media capacity - 60kg - 20kg per tier

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