Kockney Koi In Wall Surface Skimmer

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Pond skimmers are a vital part of any pond install and extremely cost effective.


  • Standard Surface Skimmer
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  • Wide Mouth Surface Skimmer
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Product Information

The Kockney Koi Surface Skimmer is designed to be built into the walls of your pond rather than floating on to on top which looks more aesthetically pleasing,

Pond skimmers are easy to install and make can make a big difference to the clarity of your water, without having to spend hours maintaining and manually removing dirt and debris. They will collect any debris that falls onto the surface of your pond or left over food into a collection basket before it has chance to sink to the bottom and starts decaying, which will help improve your overall water quality and take away some of the strain on your filter, as a result this means you can spend more time admiring your pond rather than maintaining it.

A Surface Skimmer is an important piece of equipment for any pond, but more essentially for the Koi Pond, if you are planning to build a Koi pond make sure fit one of these into your construction process.

Product Recommended Pump Mouth Width Hosetails Dimensions Guarantee
Standard Pond Skimmer Any external pump - size relevant to the water volume of your pond H15cm x W14cm 25-38mm 24cm diameter x 30cm Height 1 years
Wide Mouth Pond Skimmer Any external pump - size relevant to the water volume of your pond H13.5cm x W30cm 25-38mm 24cm diameter x 30cm Height 1 years

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 22/07/2021 10:07am
    Kockney Koi Standard Surface Skimmer
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    does the job very pleased
  • Rating
    Date 08/08/2020 09:08am
    Kockney Koi Wide Mouth Surface Skimmer
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    I've not actually installed this yet, so may yet adjust my review, but, I'm more impressed than I thought I'd be with this kit. I was expecting just the shell, but it also comes with filter basket, hose attachments and stepped sizings. Also includes the double rubber seals, marine screws and support bracket. Plus a pond vacuum accessory (no idea how that would work yet)

    The only reason for dropping a star is the instructions are quite basic (not that I usually read them) but a few extra notes about the best way of installing for a watertight seal, whether to use sealant etc, and which way round the supporting brackets goes etc would be helpful. Everything else I'd say is child's play to figure out. If you can put square pegs and round pegs in the right shaped holes, I'd say you'll probably have the kit sussed pretty quickly.