Laguna Floating Plant Basket Set

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Floating Round Plant Baskets from Laguna, ideal for pond planting to add fresh greenery and a feature to your pond, this set includes two different sizes baskets.


  • Round Floating Basket Set
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Product Information

This Laguna Floating Basket Set includes two floating pond plant baskets, one in 25cm and one 35cm. Ideal for adding greenery to your pond, whilst also creating a bit of a feature, these pond planting baskets float on the surface of your pond, adding a great feature to look at as well as shade for fish and any other inhabitants underneath.

The Floating Plant Baskets are made of a finely woven fabric to prevent soil from mixing into your pond water, and also protecting the plants themselves from grazing fish. The rim of the plant basket includes a buoyant styrofoam to aid in floating successfully, meaning your plants stay at the surface, helping to provide shade underneath, which can be vital in summer.

This kit includes two floating plant baskets, a Small at 25cm (10"), and a Medium at 35cm (13.75").

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