Laguna PowerClear Multi All-In-One Filter

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Ensure you keep your garden pond clean and fresh, with the Laguna PowerClear Multi All-In-One Filter, which is sleek looking, has easy instillation and also revolutionary media, making this the no.1 choice for small garden ponds!


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Product Information

The Laguna PowerClear is a high Performance All-In-One Pump, Filter And UV. It is designed to sit comfortably at the bottom of your pond so you can be sure that these little filters will keep your pond clean and healthy. Each model comes with the option to run a waterfall or fountain as well as filtering your garden pond with a UV light.

Laguna's PowerClear Multi Three-In-One unit provides industry leading filtration, water circulation and UVC sterilisation. PowerClear Multi is simple to install and easy to maintain.

The Mechanical filtration provided by durable, independent foams. This rigid foam pad provides a greater surface are due to the convoluted or "egg crate" design, requiring less cleaning and maintenance.

Its Biological filtration is achieved through revolutionary Bio-Brick media that's made from all natural, kiln fired clay based material with thousands of small air filled cavities perfect for growing beneficial bacteria.

ProductGuaranteePond Size
Max Waterfall HeightFlow RatePump WattageUV WattageCable Length
PowerClear Multi 35003 Years Up to 3500ltrs / 770 gallons (not for Koi)1.6m2100lph18w9w10m
PowerClear Multi 70003 YearsUp to 7000ltrs / 1540 gallons (not for Koi)2.4m2700lph30w9w10m

Product details:

  • Advanced filtration systems provide clear and healthy water.
  • Mechanical filtration through indented foams assure higher filtration surface area.
  • Biological filtration through revolutionary Bio-Brick removes ammonia.
  • Powerful UV bulb to eliminate green water.
  • Powerful pump enhances fountain and waterfall features.

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