Laguna Pressure Flo UV Bulbs

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Replacement UVC bulbs for the Laguan Pressure Flo Filter systems, ensuring the best clean for your pond.


  • 11w PLS UVC Bulb
    code: PT1601 In Stock (Only 4 left!)
  • 18w PLL UVC Bulb
    code: PT1602 In Stock (Only 3 left!)
  • 24w PLL UVC Bulb
    code: PT1603 In Stock (Only 5 left!)

Product Information

The Laguna Pressure Flo Filter is super effective and great for keeping your pond in teh best condition, but the UVC bulb will need replacing every 6 - 12 months to ensure it can carry on at the optimum level. You can find hte Laguna UVC tubes here at Swell UK, available in an 11w PLS, and 18w and 24w PLL fittings.

The 11w PLS comes with a two-pin connection, and is the replacement for the 3000 and 6000 models, whilst the PLL bulb is a 4 pin connection, with the 18w replacement for 10000, and 24w for 14000.

UVC BulbFittingPressure-Flo
11w PLSPLS - 2 pinPressure-Flo 3000 & Pressure-Flo 6000
18w PLLPLL - 4 pinPressure-Flo 10000
24w PLLPLL - 4 pinPressure-Flo 14000

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