Lotus Green Genie Maintenance Kit

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Lotus maintenance kits are specifically made for Lotus Filters .


  • Green Genie 2500 Maintenance Kit
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  • Green Genie 3500 Maintenance Kit Sale
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  • Green Genie 6500 Maintenance Kit Sale
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  • Green Genie 12500 Maintenance Kit
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  • Green Genie 24000 Maintenance Kit Sale
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  • Green Genie 48000 Maintenance Kit Sale
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Product Information

These kits consist of genuine replacement parts which will maintain your Lotus Green Genie Filter. The Lotus Green Genie's are quality filters, to keep them performing at their best we recommend changing the following components every year. To make the maintenance easier Lotus have put together a kit with everything you need.

Kit Includes:

  • Replacement filter foam set
  • UV tubes
  • O-rings
  • Quarts cleaning cloths
  • Lid rivets

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