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Marina Aeration Kits

An easy way to ensure that your fish have all of the oxygen they need

At a glance...
  • Oxygenating airpump for aquariums of all types
  • Including an airpump, airstone and bubble disk
  • Everything slots together for an easy setup
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The Marina Mini Aeration Kit allows you to ensure you have fresh oxygen in even the smallest tanks. It includes a small Marina air pump, a 6.5cm air stone, and also 1m of airline tubing. These simply slot together, place the air stone in the tank, and allow a beautiful flow of bubbles to sooth you, and your fish.

For larger tanks, there is the Marina 200 Aeration Kit, which is designed for tanks up to 225l. This inclues a Marina 200 Air pump, a 6" Air Stone, a 3" circular bubble disk, and also 6m of tubing, and 2 check valves, which mean the air cannot travel the wrong direct, adding a safety feature to the equipment.

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