Marina Battery Operated Multivac

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Utilise the Marina Battery Operated Multivac to keep your aquarium looking as good as new. Offering maximum value for money this battery operated cleaner will act as gravel cleaner, water siphon and even algae cleaner all in one high quality item.


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Product Information

Marina Battery Operated Aquarium Cleaner is a quick and easy way to keep your gravel clean without the need for a plug.

The Aquarium Cleaner is a multi-functional device, as it offers 3 expert uses:

  1. A gravel cleaner, clearing dirt, grime and sludge out of the gravel bed.
  2. A water siphon for water changes, a hose can be added if needed.
  3. An algae cleaner to remove stubborn algae from the walls of your aquarium.

The unit can extend from 8" to 16", which means you can reach into the deepest tank and ensure that the awkward spots are thoroughly cleaned. All waste and dirt is trapped in the bag provided, which can be cleaned and reused.

Key Features:

  • Battery powered means no plugs or wires!
  • Works as a gravel cleaner, water siphon and algae cleaner
  • Extends from 8 to 16"
  • Comes complete with side filter bag to trap waste
  • Suitable for use in most aquariums
  • Replacement filter bags available to buy separately
  • 1 year guarantee

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