Marina Betta Starter Kit

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The perfect kit for aspiring keepers of Siamese Fighting Fish, this Marina Betta Starter Kit is simple, affordable, and features everything you need to get started keeping this very niche yet beautiful fish.


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Product Information

This starter kit is designed specifically for keeping Siamese Fighting Fish. It comes complete with everything needed.

The kit includes a small internal filter to make the aquarium water clean and healthy for your fish. It also ensures that there isn't too much water flow on the surface which can cause the fish problems.

The tank is the perfect size to display your beautiful fish and of course give him room to fully move about.

The heater supplied is pre-set to suit the needs of Betta fish (the other name for Siamese Fighting Fish), helping to put your mind at rest and minimise hassle. It's also very compact in size and therefore easy to hide in the aquarium.

The kit includes a reversible, stylish background. Simply turn it around to create a new look in your tank. Attractive and contemporary, the backgrounds look great against the colourful hues of the fish.

Betta Starter Kit - Graphite 7 litres 33cm x 18cm (widest) x 27cm - L x W x H Marina i25 Internal Filter 1 Year

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