Marina Green X Phosphate Remover

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Get crystal clear water without the hassle with Hagen Green X Phosphate Remover. This fast and effective treatment removes algae's ability to grow by extracting phosphates from the water, to give outstanding, crystal clear water.


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Product Information

Marina Green X Phosphate Remover makes maintenance of your aquariums water easy to protect against unpleasant algae growth.

This easy-to-use product works by absorbing and thus removing the phosphate, nitrite and nitrate within its matrix and as a result produces water that is clear of odour and pesky algae infestations.

It can be administered directly into the water or filter and works for up to two months at a time, the 4g sachet treats up to 60 litres and it is suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Phos-X Phosphate Remover

- Treats 60 l of water
- One pouch on card
- Suitable for Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums

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    Marina Green X Phosphate Remover 4g Sachet
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