Marina Multi Gravel Washer

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With the Marina Multi Gravel Washer, no matter the aquarium size you can make use of the adjustable water flow controller to effectively clean your aquarium's water. For increased hygiene and ease of use, this product comes with a built in strainer against gravel blockages and can be started with a simple up and down motion


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Product Information

The Marina Multi Gravel Washer is just one of the excellent aquarium cleaners from Marina.

It can be used in any aquarium of any size, so it's the perfect staple item to keep in.

The Gravel Washer has an adjustable water flow controller so you have perfect control over the flow rate of the device. It also boasts a quick start action, it can be started by a simple up and down motion that jumps the cleaner into life. This is a much quicker and more hygienic method than the traditional process of sucking the water into the system!

The washer works by sucking the dirty water up into the system and straining the dirt and waste. It has a built in sieve which stops gravel from blocking the tubes.

Dimensions: Height 17.2" with a width of 8.1" and a depth of 1.6"

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    Marina Multi Gravel Washer
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