Matsuko Switch Box Timer with Pump Guard

Take control of your outdoor electricals and protect your pump

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  • Weatherproof switch box for outdoor electricals
  • Features accessible terminals, timer and pump guard
  • Control up to 5 appliances at once
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The Pump Guard is patent pending smart technology that helps to avoid possible disasters occurring when your pump blocks or overloads. Line 1 on every Matsuko Switch Box Timer + PG is set to automatically learn how the new pump behaves when it is first connected and turned on through the timer. The PumpGuard will run the pump at different power levels for a twenty-minute period until it understands its normal operation once this has been learnt the PumpGuard goes into monitoring mode. PumpGuard will monitor the pump all day everyday looking out for signs of overloading or cutting out.

A pump that constantly keeps restarting can easily burn itself out. PumpGuard detects this situation and will run the pump on a lower intensity programme to see if this will correct the problem. If a solution cannot be found PumpGuard will disconnect the power and save your pump from damaging itself further. In this situation PumpGuard sounds a stop alarm (the signal for a pump failure alarm is a fast beeping sound plus a red LED on line one) and the display shows pump fail. Matsuko Switch Box Timer + PG also features a power consumption monitor.

The digital display on the screen gives two electrical consumption readings. The Switch Box Timer + PG gives a constant reading on line 1. The second reading on the screen shows a total consumption of all the lines being used by all the devices on the Switch Box through lines 1 5. To get a reading for an individual line simply switch off every line you do not want to monitor. The consumption monitor gives an indicative reading with an accuracy of +/-5%.

New Features include:

  • New quick release electrical terminal blocks.
  • New position for the terminal blocks for easier connections.
  • New orange rear housing.
  • New improved electronics.


  • Each device connected can be individually programmed to turn on or off 5 times per day.
  • Gives greater convenience to manage your devices
  • Superior power capacity: up to 1500 Watts per line and 3000 Watts total unit capacity.
  • Simple to install styled to complement your garden scheme.
  • Fully compliant with UK electrical safety standards.
  • Rated at IP56 for outside use.
  • Effortless control.
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