Blagdon Minipond Pond Filter 9000 with UVC 5w

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The Blagdon Minipond Pond Filter 9000 is a compact and complete water garden filtration system which creates a clean and healthy environment for your fish.


  • Minipond 9000 Pond Filter
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Product Information

This compact pond filter from Blagdon is one of the most popular pond filters around. The MiniPond 9000 is a gravity fed box filter that features multi stage filtration for the ultimate clean. It is perfect for fish free ponds up to 9,000 litres in capacity, with a flow rate of 2,550lph.

The 5 watt Ultra Violet lamp treats the passing water and forces single algae cells to clump together, which makes them much easier to filter out. This reduces the risk of algae problems such as Green Water.

Next the water passes through top quality filter pads that trap dirt and grime, these pads can be rinsed for cleaning. Biological filter media then helps remove an excess of nitrates, ammonia and other elements thanks to a growth of natural bacterial colonies.

Polymer wool pads polish the water and remove any stubborn pieces of grime whilst a carbon cartridge removes any residue of medicine, taints and odours. All that remains is top quality, good condition pond water, making the best environment for plants and fish.

A well maintained pond is a happy pond, and taking care of your MiniPond is easy via the hinged lid. Simply clean the media in old pond water to retain the bacterial cultures. Using tap water can destroy this and cause fish health problems thanks to the chlorine in the water.

GuaranteeDimensionsMax Flow RateMax Pond SizeInlet Pipe SizeOutlet Pipe Size
3 YearsH:15.4" / 39cm x W:9.1" / 23cm x L:11" / 30cm 2,550 lph / 557 gph 9,000 ltrs 1" / 2.5cm 1.5" / 4cm

Pond Capacity:

Over 75cm deep without fish in shadeOver 75cm deep with fish in shadeUnder 75cm deep with fish in shade
Over 75cm deep with fish in full sunUnder 75cm deep with fish in full sunUnder 75cm deep with koi in full sun
9,000 ltrs / 1,980 gal4,500 ltrs / 990 gal3,375 ltrs / 742 gal3,375 ltrs / 742 gal2,530 ltrs / 557 gal1,265 ltrs / 278 gal

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Unique five stage filter design
  • Bio-media and polymer carbon cartridge
  • Hinged lid allows easy access for cleaning
  • Comes with 5w UV bulb

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