Moerings Floating Complete Plant Kit

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A complete planting kit for floating plant, coming with everything you'll need to get started, including the floating planter, soil, gravel and plants!


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Product Information

These complete kits come with everything you need to have spectacular floating plant displays within your pond, including the float, basket, soil, gravel and a selection of three plants as well!

The plants are dried and ready to plant, just set up the float with soil, put in the plants, add gravel to the top to ensure you don't lose your soil, and place in the pond! These will root and establish within the pond, and give you excellent displays, as well as improving water quality.

The plants included are a selection of marginal plants, though specifics plants can vary through the the year due to the season, to ensure you're getting the best plants for that time of year.

The floating planter itself can be hooked to other planters, locking them together and creating a great display area. These can be purchased separately for other types of plants if required, find them just here.

The Kit Includes:

  • Three dried marginal pond plants
  • 1 x 20x20cm square floating pond planter.
  • Pond Soil
  • Pond Gravel

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