Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel

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Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel helps you rid your garden pond of blanket weed, changing the chemistry of your pond to starve out blanket weed blooms so they can be handled by your filter.


  • Blanc-Kit XL 1500gal/6819Ltrs
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  • Blanc-Kit XL 3000gal/13620Ltrs
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  • Blanc-Kit XL 9000gal/40,860Ltrs
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Product Information

The Nishikoi Blanc-Kit Excel is for the total control of unwanted Blanket Weed. Nishikoi as aquatic specialists have designed this treatment to work as quickly and efficiently as possible for the best results.

It changes the pond environment to one that is inhospitable for the growth of blanket weed. Using natural minerals and compounds it helps to keep your pond free of the weed without harsh chemicals or toxins. This means that the product is safe for plants, fish and other pond life. It is also safe to use alongside a biological filter.

Capable of treating up to 13638 litres / 3000 gallons

When used as directed the blanketweed's molecular structure and growth pattern is dramatically checked, enabling the pond owner to enjoy a blanketweed free environment at its best.

Product Specification

Product Treats
Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 1500gal/6819Ltrs 1500 gallons / 6819 litres
Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 3000gal/13620Ltrs 3000 gallons / 13620 litres
Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 9000gal/40,860Ltrs 9000 gallons / 40860 litres

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    Date 01/06/2020 08:06am
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 3000gal/13620Ltrs
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    See previous statement...
  • Rating
    Date 19/11/2019 08:11am
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 9000gal/40,860Ltrs
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    Great product at very good price. Purchased many before and works reallly we.
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    Date 27/09/2017 09:09am
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 1500gal/6819Ltrs
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    Too early to say yet, I'll need 6 weeks until I know.
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    Date 08/06/2016 17:06pm
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 3000gal/13620Ltrs
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    worked strate away with no problems very pleased with the results
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    Date 21/05/2016 10:05am
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 9000gal/40,860Ltrs
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    Great product
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    Date 05/04/2016 08:04am
    Nishikoi Blanc-Kit XL 9000gal/40,860Ltrs
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