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  • All year-round fish food diet
  • For all Koi and pond fish
  • Helps to boost your Koi's immune system
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Nishikoi Health is an ideal pond fish food from market leaders Nishikoi.

It is ideally used when fish have experienced stress of some type, be it from moving, extreme temperature fluctuations, water changes and other poor conditions. When fish are stressed, they become much more susceptible to disease and infection.

This Health food is a unique blend of highly digestible wheatgerm with lower levels of protein and fat to aid the revitalisation of stressed or weakened fish. Wheatgerm is usually fed in the colder months thanks to the high fibre content, but these tasty pellets can be given at any time of year to boost the well-being of your fish. However Nishikoi recommend using a specialised winter food if the temperature drops to below 9⁰C.

The food contains Beta Glucans, which are derived from yeast cells for natural disease resistance. Garlic is also added, a well-known supplement, garlic strengthens immunity to stress and disease. An added pre-biotic that contains insulin is also added to provide the necessary levels of positive micro flora for good digestive health.

With several different pack sizes, and resealable tubs and lids you can be sure of a long lasting, fresh food for your fish all year round.

Key Features:

  • Supports the health of all pond fish
  • Pellet approx size: 5-6mm
  • Great for times of stress such as moving, temperature changes etc.
  • Packed with wheatgerm for fibre rich diet
  • Added Garlic and Beta Glucans for improved immunity
  • Pre-biotic for great digestion
  • Variety of pack sizes for your convenience
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