Nishikoi Microclear

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Nishikoi Microclear provides an advanced treatment against algae and blanketweed, with a triple action tablet to compact unsightly algae and discolouration in your pond.


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Product Information

The Nishikoi Microclear comes in a pack of 6 effective tablets to combat algae issues within your pond. These easy to use single dose tablets provide a triple action treatment, working effectively to fight against blanketweed and algae.

Each tablet contains millions of micro-organisms which help to lower the amount of nitrate within the pond water, meaning blanketweed and other algaes will find it harder to survive. A second micro-organism helps to digest and break down any extra organic waste building up at the bottom of the pond, so there is less for the algae to feed from, and then the last action comes from added microbes that compete against disease forming pathogens, that are often the cause of bacteria and fungus problems.

This natural and organic tablet is completely safe to use with all types of pond fish and plants, and is not chemical based, meaning you won't need to turn of UV sterilisers when using is. This pack contains 6 tablets, and each one treats 1,800l (400G).

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