Nishikoi Pond Treatments

New pond syndrome is a generalised term to describe the problems your pond is likely to experience as your filter struggles to mature. This is usually characterised by high ammonia and nitrite levels in your pond, caused by an immature biological filter (one that hasn’t yet developed a significant enough culture of nitrifying bacteria to handle the waste generated by your pond).

Physical symptoms of new pond syndrome tend to be fluctuating pH levels, low oxygenation and a huge algae bloom a few months into the pond’s lifespan due to an abundance of ammonia and phosphates in the water.

Nishikoi pond treatments such as GoodBye Newpond are here to help you combat this problem. Added to your pond via the filter, they help boost the levels of bacteria, reduce ammonia levels and help your pond reach an equilibrium faster than ever. Found at the best prices here at Swell UK, this is a product we really believe in – we’ve seen it at work and are happy to despatch it to your home address so it can help you out too.