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NT Labs Acriflavin targets the negative bacteria in your pond, helping to prevent your fish from catching infections that can seriously effect their health.


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Product Information

Acriflavin from specialists NT Labs is designed to reduce the numbers of harmful bacteria in your pond.

Some types of bacteria are perfect for pond life, consuming waste to make the water healthier. However more aggressive types seek out damaged or weakened fish, invading the skin and internal organs with devastating consequences.

Not only will Acriflavin wipe out these harmful bacteria, it will also reduce the level of infection in ponds already blighted. It contains a mild antiseptic which should aid healing too, and as such reduce the chances of infection.

Add 10ml to every 80 gallons (363 litres) of pond water.

Instructions for use...

  • Switch off UV until all the colour of the treatment has gone from your pond.
  • Wait 10 days after the final dose before treating with any other pond medication.
  • If you feel that a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully, a different medication may be more suitable.
  • Do not treat with water temperatures below 10 degrees or over 30 degrees.
  • Remove any Carbon or Zeolite from the filter or pond.
  • Top up your filter with live bacteria as treatments damages filter bacteria

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
NT Labs Acriflavin 250ml 2000gal / 9000ltrs 250ml
NT Labs Acriflavin 500ml 4000gal / 18200ltrs 500ml
NT Labs Acriflavin 1000ml n/a n/a
NT Labs Acriflavin 2.5L n/a n/a

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