NT Labs Anti-Parasite

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Suitable for salt water aquariums, this NT Labs Anti-Parasite treatment rids your fish of parasites, but CAN NOT be used with invertebrates.


  • Anti-Parasite
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Product Information

NT Labs Marine Anti Parasite is a copper based treatment for the control and elimination of parasites such as Oodinium (Coral Disease) and Cryptocaryon (Marine White Spot) in marine aquariums.

Copper can be fatal to some marine life forms and regular testing will determine the correct levels and avoid potential problems.

Is not suitable for use with invertebrates. Ideal for use in a hospital aquarium.

Dose Rate

  • 5 drops per 10 litres on day 1
  • 10 drops per 10 litres on day 2
  • 5 drops per 10 litres every other day for 10 days
  • 10ml/400 litres with invertebrates

Then 10ml / 200 litres
Then 10ml / 400 litres

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