NT Labs Aquarium Ammonia Remover

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Ammonia Remover is a specially selected premium grade zeolite-based product with a massive surface area to allow rapid absorption of ammonia which is highly toxic to fish.


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Product Information

NT Labs have an extensive range of aquatic products engineered to perfect the balance within your aquarium. Ammonia can cause a variety of problems in your tank, as it is highly poisonous to fish. Look out for your fish losing their appetite, becoming lethargic and possibly even lying on the base of the tank, these are signs of possible ammonia poisoning and needs prompt action.

This superb ammonia remover will quickly and easily remove ammonia from your tank. The zeolite based product has a larger surface area to quickly absorb the ammonia. Used within the filter the water passes through the media to leave the water not only clear but toxin free.

NT Labs recommend that the product is used following a filter clean, simply pop the right amount into the enclosed filter bag, rinse in tap water and clip in to the filter. It's also a good idea to use this product if you have just added some new fish too.

Key Features:

  • Premium based zeolite product
  • Large surface area for maximum effect
  • Filter bag and clip included
  • Full instructions included.

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    Date 27/10/2020 15:10pm
    NT Labs Aquarium Ammonia Remover 240g
    Feefo Logo
    Hard to tell scientifically because I had no baseline tank to test against, but no major drop in ammonia after a week