NT Labs Aquarium KH Up, pH Stabiliser

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Over time the carbonate hardness (KH) level in your aquarium will drop. This reduces the pH and can lead to sudden fluctuations. NT Labs Aquarium KH Up, pH Stabiliser is both phosphate and nitrate free.


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Product Information

Certain species of fish require a higher KH level and in turn a high pH so it is important to regularly maintain the correct KH level. Using the NT Labs Stabiliser will help you achieve this by safely increasing the KH level.

Pack size 180g

How to use:

  • Use 6g (1 level teaspoon) for every 100 litres of aquarium water to increase the KH by 2odKH.
  • Dissolve the required amount in a small volume of aquarium water before adding to your aquarium.
  • Do not increase the KH of your aquarium by more than 2odKH every 24 hours.
  • Confirm your KH level by using Aquarium Hardness Test Kit.
  • 180g treats 1500 Litres

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