NT Labs Aquarium Lab

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NT Labs Aquarium Lab uses the very best of NT's aquarium technology to give you accurate readings of the pH, nitrite, nitrate, hardness and ammonia levels in your fish tank, allowing you to take swift action if needed.


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Product Information

NT Labs Aquarium Lab is a master test kit  that has oveer 200 tests for over 6  important parameters. Using a drop test system to denote the levels in the water, it is easy and simple to use. 

It contains everything that you need to test for:

  • Acidity 
  • Ammonia 
  • Alkalinity 
  • Nitrite
  • Nitrate
  • General Hardness

All testing formulas are included, test tubes, stickers, and the box has a built in stand to hold the tubes. Full instructions are included too. 

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