NT Labs Aquarium Tonic Salts

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Freshwater fish constantly regulate their internal salt concentration through a process called osmoregulation. When a fish becomes stressed or diseased, they begin to lose control of this salt regulation. Use the NT Labs Aquarium Tonic Salts to help control this.


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Product Information

NT Labs Aquarium Tonic Salt provides osmotic support and assists with recovery from stress and disease. By using the NT Labs Aquarium Tonic salts this will Minimise stress to fish and help support recovery from disease by reducing toxicity of Nitrate.

Controls parasitic protozoans.Salt levels will reduce with each water change.

How to use:

  • Dissolve the required amount in a small volume of aquarium water before adding to your aquarium.
  • To use as a General Tonic - add 1g / L
  • To support recovery from Wounds/Parasites - add 3g/L
  • To control Nitrite levels - add 1g/L
  • New Fish Dip - add 25g / L. Place new arrivals in a net and dip them for up to 1 minute in a separate container

Do not use with salt sensitive species.

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