NT Labs Colour & Toxin Remover

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Ensure the best quality aquarium water this NT Labs Colour & Toxin Remover, featuring activated carbon to absorb those pollutants your biological media finds difficult to remove, giving you a crystal clear and odourless tank.


  • Colour & Toxin Remover (CARBON)
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Product Information

NT Labs Colour and Toxin Remover contains activated carbon to neutralise colours, taints and odours in your aquarium.

It is ideal to use following a medicated treatment as the carbon will remove any remaining residue in the water. Any taints or heavy metals are eradicated, leaving the water in your fish tank crystal clear.

Includes filter media bag.

This pack treats up to 500 litres of aquarium water.

Directions for use:

  • Rinse well in tap water
  • Place in the media bag included and place in the filter compartment
  • Replace after 6 -8 weeks for best results
  • Remove before adding any medication!

Product Specification

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NT Labs Colour & Toxin Remover (CARBON) 230g

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