NT Labs Marine Live Filter Bacteria

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Get your pond filter off to a flying start with this NT Labs Marine Live Filter Bacteria dose, replenishing your filter's biological ability to deal with the debris and waste of pond life and keep your water clean and healthy.


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Product Information

NT Labs Marine Live Filter Bacteria is a highly concentrated blend of live, nitrifying bacteria that will instantly mature a biological filtration system. This treatment can speed up the time it usually takes to prepare your aquarium for fish.

It's ideal for marine aquariums, and will help you to avoid the dreaded 'new tank syndrome' which can lead to fish loss. It's ideal to use when using a new filter, or cleaning an existing one, performing a water change, or if you decide to add new fish.

Key Features:

  • Starts working straight away
  • Safe for all fish
  • Safe for reef tanks too

Dose Rate: 10 drops per 10 litres. 10ml per 200 litres.

This 100ml pack will treat 400 litres for up 9 weeks.

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