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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

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  • Complete pellet feed for Fancy goldfish
  • Waste-reducing, protein-rich formula
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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NT Labs Pro-f Fancy Goldfish food has been formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of fancy goldfish.

This slow-sinking pellet provides the fish with the opportunity to feed at any area of the water column they desire, whilst avoiding surface feeding which can result in air intake which may cause buoyancy irregularity.

Packed with colour enhancing astaxanthin to promote fish colour, making your fish even more beautiful. Developed using the same key principles as used in the award-winning NT Labs Medikoi Food range, this food ensures high nutrient uptake and very low waste.

Feed twice daily, only the amount your goldfish will consume in a few minutes.

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