NT Labs products

Catering for Koi, Pond and aquarium fish, their food is tailor made from the best ingredients to support the health and vitality of a variety of different fish species, catering to their needs the whole year round with a range of summer and winter foods to carefully control their nutrient intake to the best effects possible.

NT Labs fish medicines are equally as highly developed, remedying a variety of common and uncommon illnesses such as parasites, bacteria and viruses such as white spot, in both ponds and aquariums.

NT Labs know that as an enthusiast, the health and wellbeing of your fish come first, and the majority of their food’s and medicines are geared up to the outstanding treatment of your fish. But that doesn’t mean they have forgotten you too.

We know that part of the joy of fish keeping is having clear healthy water to view your fish in, and NT Labs have cooked up an equally fantastic range of pond and aquarium treatments to ensure your water quality is at it’s best.

With products to help you start your hobby such as filter bacteria boosters, as well as ones for established bodies of water such as koi paramedic kits and pond labs for quality testing, NT Labs have got it covered.