Oase Aquamax Dry Pumps

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Power pool and pond filtration with the incredible Oase Aquamax Dry Pump range. As a dry pump, this model sits outside of the water and below the water level providing a safe and consistent flow, ideal for ponds with a lot of wildlife. The flow produced can also be altered electronically, so you can ensure the water flow rate in your pond is high during the summer months when it's needed.


  • Aquamax Dry 6000
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  • Aquamax Dry 8000
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  • Aquamax Dry 14000
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Product Information

What is an Oase Aquamax Dry Pump?

The Oase Aquamax dry pump range is made up of incredibly safe and powerful external pumps well-suited to pools and fish ponds. All models in this range have a 3+2 year guarantee, 'A' energy rating and an 8mm solids handling capacity.

Why should I buy an Oase Aquamax Dry Pump?

If you need to power a filtration or fountain system for a pond with a lot of wildlife or a pool this model is ideal. As a dry pump, all electrical components are sealed off from any water so there's no chance of an electrical discharge. The variable flow rate gives you full control of your watercourse while the 3+2 year guarantee gives you peace of mind for years after installation.

Which Oase Aquamax Dry Pump should I buy?

We currently stock three Oase Aquamax Dry Pump models at Swell UK. The models run from the Aquamax Dry 6000, which is ideally suited to medium ponds, all the way up to the Aquamax Dry 14000, which is designed for large ponds and pools with a slightly different casing design. Use the table at the bottom of this page to find the pump with the right flow rate and maximum fountain height for your needs.

How do I set up my Oase Aquamax Dry Pump?

To set up the Oase Auqamax Dry Pump, you will need to install it below your pond or pool's water level to allow it to self-prime. Once your pump is installed, follow the comprehensive instructions in the Oase Aquamax Dry Pump manual to connect the pump with the rest of your watercourse. All Oase Aquamax Dry Pump range models also come with 2 stainless steel hose clips and 2 hose connectors to make the set-up super-easy.

How do I clean the Oase Aquamax Dry Pump?

Cleaning and maintenance of the Oase Aquamax Dry Pump range is both quick and easy. Simply detach the pump from your watercourse and you will be able to get to all parts of the pump without even getting your hands wet.


Material Plastic
Pond size Large
Cable length 10m
Energy efficiency A
Guarantee 5 years
Country of origin Germany
Solids handling & capacity Yes, 8mm
Colour Grey


Model Dimensions Power Max flow rate Max fountain height Outlet Inlet Hose connection
6000 200x150x150mm 75W 6,000lph 2.2m 38mm 38mm 25,32,38mm
8000 200x150x150mm 100W 7,500lph 3m 38mm 38mm 25,32,38mm
14000 210x150x170mm 230W 13,500lph 5m 38mm 38mm 25,32,38mm

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 07/03/2021 11:03am
    Oase Aquamax Dry 14000
    Feefo Logo
    Replacing old one which worked perfectly
  • Rating
    Date 21/04/2018 06:04am
    Oase Aquamax Dry 6000
    Feefo Logo
    First pump ran 24 x7 for nearly three years without a glitch, capacitor failed so would not start, replacement supplied, hopefully this will last longer.