Oase Aquaskim 40

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The Oase Aquaskim 40 skimmer is ideal for the removal of free floating surface debris, such as leaves, uneaten fish food, and pollen, leaving you with a perfect finish to your pond's surface.


  • Aquaskim 40
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Product Information

The Oase Aquaskim 40 massively reduces pond maintenance and improve water quality and clarity. For the best results use with the AquaMax Eco Pond Pump collection.

The skimmer removes floating debris, such as leaves, waste and excess food up to 8mm in size. If not removed this debris breaks down biologically to sludge which in turn acts as food for algae, such as green water or blanket weed. The skimmer head is free floating, and allows for water fluctuations of around 160mm (due to rainfall or excess heat/evaporation)

The Aquaskim comprises of a two part telescopic tube, which can be adjusted to a lower height, simply by removing one tube. The unit can be stabilised by filling the receptacle base with rocks or pebbles, making this a solid, efficient unit.

Key Features:

  • A two-part telescopic tube is fully height adjustable.
  • Telescopic from 50-80cm
  • Highly stable foot with large base for weighting down with pebbles/cobbles.
  • A free floating skimmer head
  • Easy to connect via a 1.5inch hose tail.
  • Easy to maintain with the removal of the skimmer basket.
  • Skimmer basket strains leaves etc. up to 8mm in diameter.
  • Ideally when used with the Oase Aquamax Eco pump range.

DimensionsGuaranteeHeight AdaptionTube DiameterFilter VolumePos. Water Level DifferencePond Surface, max.Pump Capacity, min.Pump Capacity, max.Outlet
Aquaskim 40350 x 800mm3 + 2 Years380 - 880mm80mm1.4l120mm40m²8000 l/h20000 l/h25/32/38mm

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