Oase BioCompact Internal Filter

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Filters are the most important piece of equipment in your aquarium. They not only ensure sustainable clear water they also ensure optimal living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Oase's range of internal filters help to achieve all this and more.


  • BioCompact 25 Internal Filter
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  • BioCompact 50 Internal Filter
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Product Information

The BioCompact internal filter is ideal for nano aquariums from 25 to 50 litres with minimal animal stock and for paludariums. It can be installed vertically as well as horizontally and the water flow rate can be individually adjusted.

All in all, the complete filter, which is immediately ready for operation, ensures effective water filtration in the smallest space. The fine active charcoal foam in the BioCompact 25 ensures effective water filtration. For the BioCompact 50 active charcoal included in the scope of delivery can also be replaced with other filter media, the chamber can be filled as desired.

Product Characteristics:

  • Individually adjustable water flow rate
  • Effective water filtration for small aquariums and paludariums in a compact size
  • Complete set - immediately ready for use
  • Efficient: Large filter surface in the smallest space for effective water filtration
  • Extremely quiet and energy-efficient pump
  • Replacement Foams available at Swell UK
  • Oase Carbon Filter Media also available to buy online at Swell UK

Max Size AquariumDimensions (L x W x H)Power ConsumptionPower Cable LengthGuaranteeMax. Flow RateMax. Head HeightFilter VolumeSuitable FreshwaterSuitable Saltwater
BioCompact 25 25L50 x 51 x 116mm5w1.5m3 Years240 l/h0.40m0.1 lYesYes
BioCompact 5050L85 x 51 x 116mm5w1.5m3 Years240 l/h0.40m0.2 lYesYes

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