Oase BioSys Skimmer Plus

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Oase BioSys Skimmer Plus is specifically designed for mounting within a pond wall or flexible liner during construction. Order online today from Swell UK for free delivery.


  • BioSys Skimmer Plus
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Product Information

Oase BioSys Skimmer Plus has a powerful suction, cleaning pond surfaces up to 50m². As the skimmer sits at the end of the pond the clever design of the top of the skimmer helps to blend the unit into the natural landscape.

Oase BioSys Skimmer Plus is installed at the side of the pond which makes it easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. It comes with a large 12 litre collection basket that collects the debris, and is easy to remove.

The pump sits inside the skimmer in the built in pump chamber. The skimmer is to be used in conjunction with the AquaMax Eco Premium.

Technical Data:

Dimensions580 x 400 x 450mm
Guarantee3 + 2 Years
Possible Water Level Difference100mm
Skimmer Opening Width220mm
Filter Volume12L
Pond Surface Max.50m²
Pump Capacity Min.6000 l/h
Pump Capacity Max.16000 l/h
Outlet Connection25/32/38mm

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