Oase Biotec Screenmatic Sets

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Oase Biotec Screenmatic filter kits include a pump, filter and ultra violet clarifier. The sets are the ultimate low maintenance systems - you don't even need to get your hands wet. They are easy to install, maintain and are ideal for both the novice and expert pond keeper. The clear water guarantee and low wattage running costs make this system a must for community fish ponds between 20,000 litres and 27,000 litres.

Product Information

Oase ScreenMatic sets include some of the best pumps, filters and clarifiers on the market - meaning top of the range kit in every area of pond care.

The ScreenMatic Sets are made by top German manufacturer Oase - so each piece is scientifically tested to give you top performance and reliability and everything you need to care for your fish and keep your pond looking great.

The kits each include a Biotec ScreenMatic filter, a super efficient filter that uses a rotating sieve (like a conveyor belt) that collects all the big pieces of debris before they can get to the filter - which saves you time and effort on cleaning your filter. It even has automatic 30 minute interval cleaning of the ScreenMatic sieve.

This flow-through filter can be used for ponds up to 120,000 litres - including medium sized koi ponds.

Your ScreenMatic Set also includes a self-cleaning Bitron clarifier, which will battle the algae in your pond using UVC technology.

The clarifier helps keep your fish safe from harmful organisms using UVC radiation - perfectly safe for the fish but an effective way of keeping the bacteria away.

As with the filter, you can set the flow rate easily to manage the clarifier exactly how you need it.

Since the Bitron clarifier has an inidcator window, you can easily tell how the UVC bulb is performing.

Your ScreenMatic Set includes an Aquamax Eco Premium filter pump - the new Oase pond pump that many consider to be the best pump on the market.

Eco Premium pumps have lower running costs and greater efficiency than Oase's previous models, and the flow rate remains extremely reliable even at very low settings. Each one features a winter flow control, saving you energy and lowering running costs by up to 30%. The efficiency is helped along by a more streamlined case.

Finally we have included a top sludge vacuum cleaner, the Oase Pondovac Start - which enables you to remove debris from the bottom of the pond caused by fish and vegetation waste. If this kind of debris isn't removed it can give off harmful gases which can kill your fish.

The kit includes Biokick filter start - essential to keep your water healthy. The Biokick 1 provides healthy bacteria. It helps your filter to mature more quickly, preventing bacteria from harming your fish.

At a glance:

  • Top of the range Biotec filter
  • High quality Bitron UVC clarifier
  • The best pump on the market - Aquamax Eco Premium
  • Includes Biokick
  • Free Pondovac Start.


ScreenMatic Set 40,000:

  • Biotec 12 ScreenMatic
  • Bitron 36c
  • Aquamax Eco Premium 12000
  • Capacity without fish: 40,000 litres / 8,791 gal
  • Capacity with fish: 20,000 litres / 4,395 gal
  • Capacity with Koi up to 10,000 litres/ 2,197 gal

ScreenMatic Set 54,000:

  • Biotec 18 ScreenMatic
  • Bitron 55c
  • Aquamax Eco Premium 16000
  • Capacity without fish: 54,000 litres / 12,000 gal
  • Capacity with fish: 27,000 litres / 6,000 gal
  • Capacity with Koi up to 14,000 litres / 3,100 gal

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