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SAVE UP TO £16 on your order - SEE CODES. >

Oase Dynamic Koi Pellets

For growth plus vivid colours and patterns in Koi

At a glance...
  • Floating pellet food for Koi
  • Contains spirulina and natural pigments from shrimp meal
  • Promotes natural growth and a strong immune system
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Does as advertised, encouraging growth and the development of bright colours.

What are the Oase Dynamix Koi Pellets?

Oase Dynamix Koi Pellets are superfood floating pellets that provide optimum nutrition to your Koi. Available in 3-4mm and 5-7mm pellet sizes for small and large Koi, this pond fish food comes in 8-litre and 20-litre bags to stock up on. Dynamix Koi Pellet food helps Koi grow elegantly shaped bodies and develop brilliant, intensely bright colours and patterns.

What are the benefits of Koi Pellets?

Dynamix Koi Pellets provide your pond fish with everything they need. Thanks to an optimal recipe with soybean meal and choline, this food ensures that Koi grow naturally without the risk of obesity.

The pond fish food mix combines green superfood pellets with spirulina and pellets with fermented red rice to promote colour development. The prebiotic properties support a healthy, balanced metabolism plus immune system while AminoBoost ensures optimum utilisation of food. Combines, these effects result in energetic fish and clear pond water.

Product Dynamix Koi Pellet Small 8l Dynamix Koi Pellet Small 20l Dynamix Koi Pellet Large 8l Dynamix Koi Pellet Large 20l
Fish target group Smaller Koi (up to 20cm body size) Smaller Koi (up to 20cm body size) Larger Koi (from 20cm body size) Larger Koi (from 20cm body size)
Bag size 8 l 20 l 8 l 20 l
Pellet size 3-4 mm 3-4 mm 5-7 mm 5-7 mm
Pellet type Floating Floating Floating Floating
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