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Oase Dynamix Sticks Mix

Varied complete food for Koi and ornamental fish

At a glance...
  • Mixed food for Koi and ornamental fish
  • Ensures intense colours, optimal growth and vitality
  • Includes pepper for absorption of vitamins and minerals
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A great value feed for ornamental pond fish.

What is Oase Dynamix Sticks Mix?

Oase Dynamix Sticks Mix is stick food for pond fish that contains a mix of Sticks Vital and Sticks Colour. Available in 8 and 20-litre bags, this pond fish food is ideal for feeding fish with red pigments and those with natural colours together in the same pond. Sticks Mix contains all the positive properties of both varieties of food from Oase and supports digestion as well as colour intensity.

What are the benefits of Dynamix Sticks Mix?

Dynamix Sticks Mix is perfect for mixed ponds containing inhabitants with natural or red pigmentation. This mix is not just rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but it can also be optimally absorbed thanks to the added pepper. Natural pigments also ensure high-contrast patterns and intense colours. Oase’s Sticks Mix ensures that pond inhabitants have even growth, a strong immune system, vitality and ensures the pond water remains clear.

Fish target group For all fish, natural and red colours
Stick type Floating
Stick size 3-6 mm
Bag size 8 l, 20 l
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