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Oase Dynamix Sticks Vital

Includes pepper for optimal absorption of vitamins

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  • Complete food sticks for all fish with natural colours
  • With pepper for optimal absorption of vitamins
  • Promotes growth and vitality
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This food will help you get super healthy-looking fish while keeping your pond water clear.

What is Oase Dynamix Sticks Vital?

Oase Dynamix Sticks Vital is stick food for all ornamental pond fish with natural pigmentation. Available in 8 and 20-litre bags, these fish food sticks can be absorbed by your fish efficiently thanks to the addition of pepper as it helps improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of Dynamix Sticks Vital?

Dynamix Sticks provide your pond fish with a rich nutrient supply that includes important vitamins and minerals. This can be almost completely metabolised by your fish. Furthermore, Sticks Vital offers the concentrated power of the Dynamix triple effect. It supports even body growth, vibrant fish colours, a strong immune system and improves the vitality of pond inhabitants as well as good water quality.

Dynamix contains natural pigments and a balanced supply of fat to promote the natural growth and colour intensity of your fish. The prebiotics of yeast effectively promotes healthy intestinal flora and the immune system.

Fish target group All fish with natural colours
Stick size 3-6 mm
Type Floating
Bag size 8 l, 20 l
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