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Oase Filtoclear Premium Sets

Filter pump and filter with integrated UVC to give a brilliantly clear pond

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  • Pond pump, filter and UVC sets
  • Flow rates from 4000-16000 lph
  • 5-year guarantee
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Oase FiltoClear Premium sets are a perfect match between two of the top pond products in the market, paired together to give you a crystal clear pond: The Oase Aquamax filter pump and the Oase Filtoclear pressure filter.

The ideal combination of the energy-efficient Aquamax Eco filter pump and the Filtoclear pressure filter with integrated UVC will always give a brilliantly clear pond - that's part of Oase's guarantee!

Oase have put together four Filtoclear Premium sets to match a variety of pond sizes, each consisting of pump, filter, and UVC. These are Oase's 'Premium' sets, and so you can rest assured these are some of the best that money can buy, making each combination ideal.

Key Features: FiltoClears

  • Pressurised filter can be positioned above or below ground
  • Three-stage filtration including biological, mechanical and UV filtration
  • Easy clean system
  • Pollution indicator light and UV operational light
  • Clear water guarantee
  • 5-metre cable on all models
  • 3-year guarantee on all models

Key Features: AquaMax Eco Premium

  • 10-metre cable on all models
  • 5-year guarantee on all models
  • Seasonal flow switch
  • Pressurised filters enable simple watercourse or waterfall operation
  • Low running costs
  • Clear water guarantee
  • Can be set up underwater or dry

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Product set FiltoClear 3000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 4000 FiltoClear 6000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 6000 FiltoClear 12000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 8000 FiltoClear 16000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 10000 FiltoClear 20000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 12000 FiltoClear 30000 + Aquamax Eco Premium 16000
Dimensions D:380 x H:310mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm D:380 x H:430mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm D:380 x H:510mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm D:380 x H:630mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm D:380 x H:750mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm D:380 x H:310mm + L:340 x W:280 x D:165mm
Max. operating pressure 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar 0.2 bar
Max. flow rate 4,000lph 6,000lph 8,000lph 10,000lph 12,000lph 16,000lph
Max. head height 3.3m 3.7m 4.1m 4.7m 5.0m 5.20m
Blue filter foams 2 3 3 4 5 5
Red filter foams 1 3 2 3 4 4
Power consumption UVC 14W + 10-35W 15W + 12-45W 18W + 15-60W 24W + 19-88W 36W + 10-110W 55W + 11-145W
UVC Power 9W 11W 18W 24W 36W 55W
Net weight 5.58kg + 5.30kg 6.18kg + 5.30kg 7.10kg + 5.30kg 7.90kg + 5.30kg 8.60kg + 5.40kg 9kg + 5.40kg
Suitable for ponds up to max. 3,000l 6,000l 12,000l 16,000l 10,000l 15,000l
Suitable for Ponds with fish 1,5000l 3,000l 6,000l 8,000l 5,000l 7,500l
Suitable for Ponds with Koi Not suitable 1,500l 3,000l 4,000l 12,000l 12,000l
Pollutant level indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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