Oase Filtral UVC 2500-3000 Media Set

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Replacement filter set for your Oase Filtral UVC 2500-3000 , containing all sponges and media required to replace your media.


  • Filtral 3000 Media Set
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Product Information

Each Filtral features two different filter sponges, as well as bio-surface elements and filter pebbles which helps to ensure mechanical and biological cleaning in the filter is optimised. These need replacing regularly to ensure continuous capacity of your filter system, ensuring dirt isn't able to build up.

The filter pebbles in the net bag and the bio surface elements offer a suitable settling surface for micro-organisms which help to break down the algae and other biological elements in your pond that cloud the water and poison your fish.

The health of your media will be dependant on the pond and how regularly it is cleaned. If maintained well, and due to the great quality of Oase items, these should be replaced once - twice a year.

Please note that the UVC bulb is not included, and should be replaced yearly.

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 27/05/2019 18:05pm
    Oase Filtral 3000 Media Set
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    Exactly what I wanted and securely packaged.
  • Rating
    Date 20/04/2016 21:04pm
    Oase Filtral 2500 Media Set
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    Excellant quality, very affordable
  • Rating
    Date 05/08/2015 21:08pm
    Oase Filtral 2500 Media Set
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    Simple to replace sponges and media. UV bulb slightly fiddly, but only needs doing once a year at the beginning of the season. The Filtral does keep a large area of my pond crystal clear.